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Are you having trouble downloading the files?

Please check:

  • that your browser allows cookies or
    • that your browser allows third-party cookies or at least cookies from websites that you have visited
  • that your browser allows javascript
  • that your ad blocker or javascript blocker (*) does not block social media widgets or buttons

(*) If you use ad blockers or javascript blockers, please consider granting our website an exception.
There are no advertisements on our website, neither we use any tracking except Google Analytics and Toplist (traffic statistics).


If you have the right settings, please follow these instructions:

  • go to Downloads
  • if you have a download code, enter it and click on OK
  • if you do not have a download code, take the following steps:
    • if you are not logged into Facebook, click on Log In and enter your user credentials
    • click on Like page (*)
    • in a moment, you will be able to see the download links
  • Please note: it is not possible to download more than one file at a time. If you want to download more of our albums,
    please wait for the previous download to be finished

(*) If you have already liked us on Facebook, it is still necessary to click on Liked first.

In a moment, a notification will pop up. After that, please click on Like page and you will gain access to the download links.


If you have followed the instructions but you keep having trouble downloading the files, please contact us,
we will be pleased to help you.